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Employee Benefits 

At Hireblox we care about our employees no matter if they are ar administrative roles or they are working on our client's projects. We have carefully chosen a benefits package so your employment at Hireblox is peaceful and rewarding. Our employee wellbeing is of top importance.

Competetive Pay

We work with top employers in the United States and have great job opportunities available at a very competitive compensation range. Most employees on our payroll appreciate higher than average pay compared to other staffing firms.

Visa Sponsorship

At Hireblox we are an equal opportunity employer hence irrespective of your work authorization status in the USA we try to find you a dream job. If you are on a work visa we can transfer your work visa and help with sponsorship at per USCIS immigration law and rules. 

Paid Time offs

At Hireblox we appreciate you taking some days off to recharge or take care of personal priorities. So we offer optional paid time off or flexible time off. However, for our employees working on client projects PTO options may be subject to the client's approval.

Proactive Re-deployment

If you are working on our client's projects on a contract or you have been offered a direct role either contract might come to an end or a bad time may bring unexpected moments. Don't worry,  we got you covered to finding you another great job proactively. 

Career Counselling

Constant career counseling is an integrated part of your employment with us. We not only work hard to get find you your dream job but we constantly work with you to help you advance in your career as you grow as a professional with us.

Health Insurance

Your and your family's health is always of top importance to us so we work with the nation's tier-one insurance companies to offer you optional competitive discounted health insurance so that you have peace of mind.

401K & Tax Benefits

Everyone loves tax savings and loves securing savings funds for personal and family goals. To support and encourage our employees to save and invest for the future we offer a generous optional 401K plan including other tax savings options.

Employee Wellbeing Program

Hard work and commitments both at family and at the workplace may bring some additional challenges in dealing with anxiety, emotional intelligence and personal well-being. So we have incorporated an employee support system so you can stay fit physically, mentally.

What Our Employees Say

Shades of Blue

Sara Tattoli

"Hireblox helped me found my dream job. They negotiated a very good pay as per my expectation. Jim and his recruitment team is very responsive and true professioanals. I highly recommend Hireblox"
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